Openshift 4.9 | Container does not exist

Modified on Fri, 27 Jan, 2023 at 10:33 AM

OpenShift uses the CRI-O container runtime. OpenShift 4.9 uses CRI-O 1.22. For containerd-runc and  crio-runc container drivers, Gremlin relies on the presence of a “sandbox” container to resolve container namespaces (e.g. the network namespace shared by all containers of a pod) .

  • In CRI-O 1.22, this sandbox container (referred to as “infra” container in CRI-O documentation) is dropped after the pod is created. This is controlled by an option: drop_infra_ctr  (which is true by default)


The absence of a sandbox container prevents Gremlin from running attacks. They fail like this:

1container details : time="2022-05-11T13:07:21Z" level=error msg="container \"2584cede1cf01e77d9d9ac8f864f99f1c155268ec1095af2bbde850e73d936a2\" does not exist"

How To Reproduce

  1. install a cluster with OpenShift 4.9
  2. find a Kubernetes object not running on a master node
  3. launch the gremlin attack against object in #2

Expected: attack runs successfully

Actual: attack fails with message from above


The problem occurs when drop_infra_ctr = true defined in the CRI-O run config. Changing this to false gets attacks working again. The attached file is an example of a machine config that will set drop_infra_ctr = false

To apply this workaround, install the machine config attached to this article: 

1oc apply -f 95-gremlin-drop_infra_ctr.yaml

Wait for the apply to go through by monitoring the machine config pool

1oc get machineconfigpools -w
3master rendered-master-4da59b029c1dc49757c63426cee6afe2 True False False 3 3 3 0 13h
4worker rendered-worker-18cfed020d41141d6b6056c61b130685 True False False 3 3 3 0 13h

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